Getting ready for your new journey with CMA CGM
Putting clients at the center of our business is a vital part of the CMA CGM Group’s strategy. We continually optimize our operations so we can deliver an even more focused and streamlined customer experience.

To further strengthen and improve our overall service offering, we are simplifying the trade network of CMA CGM and APL. 

As from October 1, 2020:
  • CMA CGM will be the sole commercial carrier of the Group operating in the Transpacific trade.  
  • APL, a long-time service partner for the U.S. government, will focus on its service to the United States government through its fleet of U.S.-flagged vessels to solidify and enhance the Group’s specialization in this key business segment.
Below please find some information that we have prepared for you.


If you have an on-going contract with APL, you will sign a new contract with CMA CGM under the same conditions.

If your contract terminates before October 1st, you will sign a new contract with CMA CGM.

Dedicated sales staff from both carriers will be responsible for ensuring you enjoy a seamless experience during the change.

We will reach out separately to communicate the planned date for signing your new contract with CMA CGM. You will then receive a new CMA CGM contract number, and we will work on aligning the contractual terms with you to ensure a seamless transition.

When it is time for your CMA CGM contract to renew, the contract process will be what you typically experience on an annual basis.

Our sales representatives will work with you on aligning the credit terms and migration.

We will work with you on aligning the contractual terms. Key things that you’ll need to note will be:

  • APL’s B/Ls will continue to apply to shipments relating to U.S. government and U.S. military cargo.
  • APL’s non-U.S. military and non-U.S. government cargo will be booked under CMA CGM following the transfer.
  • CMA CGM’s B/Ls will apply to all non-U.S. military and non-U.S. government shipments, including for commercial cargo riding on U.S. Flag services like EX1.

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All of APL’s existing bookings will remain under APL until the cargo is released, regardless of your contract’s transition date. For any shipment inquiry or other transaction relating to these bookings, unless otherwise specified, please continue to direct them through your regular APL channels.

As we follow up separately with you on your new contract with CMA CGM, we will be sharing with you the schedule of cutover voyages in specific relation to your contract. You will continue to start new bookings with APL up until the last voyages indicated. For subsequent voyages, all your bookings will have to be placed with CMA CGM.

You can place your bookings via My CMA CGM – CMA CGM’s online platform that allows you to manage your shipments, from making bookings online, getting an instant quote to retrieving and transferring bills of lading at your convenience. Choose the option “Request Booking” (requires login).

If you are already using APL’s eBusiness services, you will be able to perform the same functions on My CMA CGM.

If you do not submit bookings via our online platforms, please refer to your account representative or contact your local CMA CGM office for more information.

Tariff numbers are different between CMA CGM and APL. If you have an existing eBusiness account, you can get a quotation online here. Otherwise, you can reach out to our account representative or CMA CGM local customer service for help.

We will assist you to extend the use of these platforms to CMA CGM. Please refer to your account representative for more details.

The processes are generally the same for both APL and CMA CGM. For more information, please contact your local CMA CGM Customer Service representative.

Bank accounts information can be found on local CMA CGM office websites. Otherwise, please contact your local CMA CGM Customer Service representative for assistance.

You can continue to use APL B/L blank forms while shipping under your APL contract. Note that you can also continue to use APL B/L blank forms for CNC services until further notice.

When you’ll start shipping under your CMA CGM contract, you need to return the unused APL B/L blank forms to your local CMA CGM office and/or request for CMA CGM B/L blank forms if you don’t already have. Please contact your local CMA CGM Customer Service to make the arrangement.

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Your eBusiness User ID and password will stay the same both during and after the transition. You can access the eBusiness websites of APL and CMA CGM with the same set of login credentials.

In the event you have access problems, please contact our eCommerce support team at

CMA CGM’s eBusiness website is called My CMA CGM. It is the same platform used by APL and all other carriers under the CMA CGM Group. If you are already using APL’s eBusiness services, you will be to perform the same actions on My CMA CGM.

We will continue to maintain separate records for the brands in order to ensure retrieving data remains simple and clear-cut for our customers. This means if you need information about a past APL shipment, you can review it on the APL website or contact your customer service representative who will retrieve this information for you.

Yes, CMA CGM has a mobile app which shares the same platform and performs the same functions as APL’s mobile app. You can download the CMA CGM mobile app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Google Play     App Store

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Your usual representative will be in touch with you shortly to arrange the necessary introduction to your new CMA CGM contact.

Our sales and customer service teams are readily available to assist with any queries that may arise during the transition period.

Remember, for bookings that you ship under an APL contract, you should continue to call your APL contacts as you would normally.

You can find the list of CMA CGM local offices and contacts here.

CMA CGM has an email subscription service and you can subscribe here. You can select the frequency and topics of interest that you wish to receive emails on.

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From 1 October 2020 onwards, APL will dedicate itself to serving the U.S. Government sector and will continue to offer the U.S. flag services EX1 (Eagle Express), UMX, JMX and GSX.

Eagle Express X (EXX) and its extended services, EXX RailFlash and EXX X-Location will be operated under the CMA CGM brand. Backed by a dedicated team providing white-glove services to EXX customers, CMA CGM will continue to uphold the promise of speed and reliability that these services currently offer.

In addition to running APL’s flagship EXX from 1 October onwards, CMA CGM is already offering over 20 services on the Transpacific, providing an extensive coverage from Asia to the U.S. East and West Coasts. APL’s U.S. flag services, EX1 and GSX, continue to be available for commercial cargo bookings.

No. APL Service CMA CGM
Port Rotation
Asia – North America
(Pacific Southwest)
1 SC1 PRX Fuqing – Nansha – Yantian – Xiamen – Los Angeles – Fuqing
2 CC2 BOHAI Tianjin – Qingdao – Shanghai – Prince Rupert – Long Beach – Seattle – Tianjin
3 PE1-USWC JAX Port Klang – Singapore – Laem Chabang – Cai Mep – Yantian – Los Angeles – Oakland – Yantian (pendulum loop with Columbus Suez)
4 N.A. HBB Qingdao – Shanghai – Ningbo – Los Angeles – Oakland – Tokyo – Qingdao
5 N.A. GEX Taipei – Xiamen – Hong Kong – Yantian – Los Angeles – Oakland – Taipei
6 SC6 SCS Cai Mep – Hong Kong – Yantian – Kaohsiung – Long Beach – Kaohsiung – Cai Mep
7 SC8 JDX Hong Kong – Kaohsiung – Taipei – Los Angeles – Oakland – Tacoma – Kaohsiung – Ningbo – Shanghai – Shekou (pendulum loop with CIMEX 6)
8 CC9 HIX Ningbo – Shanghai – Busan – Long Beach – Busan – Ningbo
9 CC4 YANGTSE Haiphong – Shanghai – Ningbo – Long Beach – Oakland – Lianyungang – Shanghai – Ningbo (pendulum with ISC)
10 JPX¹ FUJI¹ Kobe – Nagoya – Tokyo – Los Angeles – Oakland – Tokyo – Shimizu – Kobe – Nagoya – Kobe
11 EXX¹ EXX¹ Busan – Ningbo – Shanghai – Los Angeles – Honolulu* – Dutch Harbor – Busan
*runs fortnightly
12 EX1¹
(U.S. Flag)
(U.S. Flag)
Qingdao – Shanghai – Busan – Los Angeles – Oakland – Yokohama – Naha – Busan – Qingdao
Asia – North America
(Pacific Northwest)
1 NP1 COLUMBUS PNW Yantian – Xiamen – Ningbo – Shanghai – Busan – Seattle – Vancouver – Yantian
2 NP2 TPX Hong Kong – Yantian – Ningbo – Shanghai – Prince Rupert – Vancouver – Shanghai – Hong Kong
3 NP3 NWX Shanghai – Ningbo – Kaohsiung – Yantian – Tacoma – Vancouver – Tokyo (discharge only) – Osaka (discharge only) – Qingdao (discharge only) – Shanghai
4 NP4 DAH Shekou – Hong Kong – Yantian – Kaohsiung – Vancouver – Seattle – Busan – Kaohsiung – Shekou
Asia – North America U.S. East Coast 1 AW1 MANHATTAN BRIDGE Qingdao – Ningbo – Shanghai – Busan – Panama Canal – New York – Norfolk – Savannah – Panama Canal – Singapore^ – Qingdao
2 AW2 SAX Hong Kong – Yantian – Xiamen – Shanghai – Panama Canal – Colon – New York – Savannah – Charleston – Suez Canal – Hong Kong
3 PE1-USEC COLUMBUS SUEZ Yantian – Cai Mep – Singapore – Port Klang – Colombo – Suez Canal – Halifax – New York – Norfolk – Savannah – Charleston – Suez Canal (pendulum loop with JAX)
4 AW4 VESPUCCI Qingdao – Ningbo – Shanghai – Busan – Panama Canal – Colon – Savannah – Charleston – Boston – New York – Colon – Panama Canal – Qingdao
5 AW5 TWS Xiamen – Kaohsiung – Hong Kong – Yantian – Panama Canal – Colon – Savannah – New York – Norfolk – Baltimore – Panama Canal – Xiamen
6 PG6 PEX3 Singapore – Cai Mep (private call) – Hong Kong – Shekou – Ningbo – Shanghai – Busan – Panama Canal – Houston – Mobile – New Orleans – Miami – Suez Canal – Singapore
7 IAX¹ INDAMEX¹ Port Qasim – Nhava Sheva – Mundra – Damietta – New York – Norfolk – Savannah – Charleston – Port Said – Jeddah – Port Qasim
8 N.A. GMX Shanghai – Ningbo – Xiamen – Yantian – Tampa – Panama Canal – Houston – Mobile – Panama Canal – Shanghai
¹Non-Ocean Alliance (OA) services.
^SIN call only on CMA CGM President class ships

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CMA CGM offers a range of Priority Services that can help expedite your shipments from Asia to the U.S. Be sure to reach out to your account representative who will be able to advise the best solution for your urgent shipments.

APL Service CMA CGM Service Description
Eagle GO.
  • Priority for equipment release and space on board with a money-back guarantee in case of failure
  • Applicable to all major CMA CGM, CNC and ANL ocean freight service
Eagle GET.
*Available from 8 Aug onwards
  • Priority for equipment release and space on board
  • Priority discharge
  • Your cargo is mounted on chassis for your pick-up within a mere 24 hours of vessel operation at the port of discharge, or your money back
  • Dedicated customer service desk
  • Money-back guarantee in case of failure
  • Available for shipments on: PRX, EX1, JAX and CPNW
  • No appointment needed, the trucker can directly pick up the container and accelerate your cargo out at port of discharge
Eagle REACH.
*Available from 8 Aug onwards
  • Priority for equipment release and space on board
  • Priority discharge, with drayage to the rail ramp to catch daily fast trains to your final inland destination (same day or next working day)
  • Inland U.S. destinations available: Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, Kansas City and New York
  • Dedicated customer service desk
  • Money-back guarantee in case of failure
  • Available for shipments on: PRX, EX1, JAX and CPNW
EXX RailFlash EXX RailFlash
  • Daily rail departure from Los Angeles – exclusive to shipments on EXX only
  • Fast transit from Asia to U.S. inland destinations: Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, Dallas and New York
  • Priority space, equipment and discharge from EXX vessel
N.A. Inland Empire
  • Priority discharge at Los Angeles
  • Direct pick-up at Rialto, CA yard with 4 working days free time
  • Guaranteed space, equipment and chassis or money back
  • Dedicated customer service desk
  • Available for shipments on: PRX, EX1 and JAX

CMA CGM offers a wide range of reefer-related services that help to manage and control the atmosphere, temperature and humidity levels, ensuring your sensitive cargo will arrive at destinations in the intended conditions.

APL Service CMA CGM Service Description



CLIMACTIVE controlled atmosphere
  • Advanced technology to preserve the perfect atmosphere best suited for your cargo in the container
  • Prevent maturation and preserve product quality
  • Target new markets and reach farther destinations with extended shelf-life
  • No chemicals used so you can retain organic label
N.A. REEFLEX liquid ready
  • The most efficient and cost-effective transportation of liquids in 20’ and 40’ refrigerated containers
  • Carry up to 26,000 liters in one trip safely
  • Excellent quality preservation with precise temperature control and single use bag to prevent contamination
N.A. PHARMA reefer division
  • A Good Distribution Practice (GDP) solution to ensure the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical products are maintained throughout shipping
  • Dedicated team of experts available 24/7
  • Conducts pre-trip inspections to ensure the highest standards are maintained
N.A. AQUAVIVA seafood solution
  • Advanced technology designed to replicate the natural habitats of live lobsters and other seafood
  • Maintain seafood quality for long shipping periods
  • One of the most economical and eco-friendly solutions in the industry
  • Effectively exterminate fruit flies and larvae found in fruit produce
  • Eco-friendly process - eliminates the use of fumigation or pesticides and allows produce to remain organic
  • Allows perishables to reach the markets faster and in optimum conditions
  • All cold treatments are guaranteed – offers protection covering a wide variety of unplanned costs and financial losses in case of cold treatment failure
  • Humidity management
  • State-of-the-art reefer equipped with dehumidification systems
  • Enable relative humidity to be set between 55% and 85% and controlled according to cargo requirements

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