SpotOn Frequently Asked Questions
What does the offer SpotOn cover?
SpotOn is a new online feature developed by the CMA CGM Group to allow you to book in a few clicks with a fixed price for 24 hours and secure your space on board :
  • Real time visibility on space on board, 
  • Visibility on the best rate per departure
  • Fixed rate at time of quotation for the selected departure. 
Booking with quote SpotOn allow you to benefit from many advantages
1/ priority for booking confirmation, 
2/ 24 hours reflection period,
3/ priority for loading and equipment release, 

Please note that booking SpotOn is subject to cancellation fee & amendment fee. 
Presentation of the product and detailed conditions are available here.

What is the difference with Instant Quote ? Why some solutions are not flaggued SpotOn? 
Instant Quote allows to generate automatically a quotation 'QTWEB' with a maximum validity of 30 days. This quote does not allow to benefit from SpotOn benefits

Instant Quote will be fully replaced by SpotOn at the end of 2021. 
You can differentiate Instant Quote from SpotOn thanks to the tag "SpotOn" appearing in My CMA CGM. More details here.

What is the cancellation fee mentionned?
In order to secure your advantages SpotOn, CMA CGM group applies a fee on cancellations & amendments made on bookings SpotOn. 
This fee will be invoiced specifically in case of cancellation, no show or amendment.  
Detailed conditions are available here.

Is it possible to waive cancellation fees? 
Waiver requests are not accepted for this product.

I disagree with cancellation fees invoiced
If you consider that cancellation fees or amendment fees are invoiced wrongly, please send a message to our local dispute management team with reason and justification of your dispute request. 

What happens to my SpotOn rate if a special surcharge is filed after issue the quote  (PSS/GRI)?
We guarantee you a fixed rate SpotOn for the conditions mentionned in the quote. This engagement is valid only for  booking confirmed
Please note that differences may occur if terms of  the quote SpotOn change is not respected at time of booking (commodity, weight...). In that case, additional surcharges may be applicable.  

What does SpotOn offer implies in terms of rollover policy?
For bookings SpotOn, we are offering a loading priority on the selected departure mentionned in your quote SpotOn. This priority concerns the first water port (feeder, barges excluded). If booking happens to be rolled, we prioritize you a loading on the following voyage.
Is SpotOn offer giving me a guarantee of loading on the full journey?
Our SpotOn offer includes a loading priority on the first leg of the journey. For a full coverage, you can subscribe to our SeaPriority Go value-added services.

Why can't I finalize my booking with the spot quotation request I've been retrieving on your website?
SpotOn offers are available for booking for 24 hours, if no booking is placed during this window the quotation reference is disactivated automatically. 
Is it possible to extend the 24 hours reflection period?
SpotOn quotes are valid for a period of 24 hours and cannot be renewed. After this period, you must generate a new SpotOn quote.

I have booked with my quote SpotOn but my booking has been rejected. Why?  
Our system displays all available solutions at time of your search. You can generate a quote SpotOn on solutions proposed, rate is guaranteed for 24 hours but there is no reservation of space as long as booking is not created.
It can happen that all spot allocation is consumed in the meantime. We recommend you to create quickly your booking after issuing the quote SpotOn.  

Why am I getting no result when searching for rates ?
There are different reasons:  
1/ No more spot allocation available on the selected trade for your period .  
2/ if your search is too close in time, the cut off is already passed, vessel can't be displayed.

Why are there some voyages displayed with no rates associated?
A specific allocation is dedicated to SpotOn offers on each vessel, if allocation is reached we are not able to offer a rate anymore.

What does your SpotOn offer in terms of free time?
SpotOn offer includes standard D&D but our offer will be enriched soon in order to allow you to subscribe  additionnal D&D on-line. This option will be deployed progressively end of 2021.
Am I allowed to place my booking on another departure?
The Spoton booking must be placed on the selected departure mentioned in the SpotOn quote.

Am i allowed to change on another departure? 
It is possible to change of vessel but amendment fee may be applicable. Please consult detailed conditions here.

I want a quotation for SOC, NOR, Hazardous, OOG. Is it possible to get a quotation SpotOn? 
For time being, only Dry and Reefer quotation are elligible for SpotOn quotation. 

Which channel are opened for booking on quote SpotOn? 
You can place your booking on all digital channels that you are used to work with but we encourage you to use Click & Book in order to benefit from a better customer experience. 

May i create multiple booking on a quote SpotOn? 
Yes, you can create different bookings on the same Quote SpotOn (QSPOT) as long as :
  • The total number of units booked do no exceed the number of units mentioned  in the quote SpotOn (maximum of 50 containers).  
  • Bookings are all placed on the same voyage mentioned in the quote.
In case of no respect of above conditions, booking(s) will be declined by booking agent.